How to Integrate Online Reviews in Your Offline Marketing Campaigns

July 18, 2019
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It’s common to think of your online and offline marketing as separate initiatives. The reality is that your customers operate in both worlds, often seamlessly. Why not integrate your marketing efforts too?

There’s no better example of how you can tie your online and offline efforts together than reviews. We all know the value reviews play in your online reputation, but these are also words that can play an influential role in your offline marketing campaigns.

The following are five ways you can integrate your online reviews into your offline marketing campaigns.

One: Use Reviews in Print Ads

Reviews are powerful because people trust them. Surveys show that people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family. That means they trust what is said in online reviews more than any advertisement you could put in front of them.

That’s what makes your reviews perfect for use in print ads, and even sales collateral. You can use your online reviews to support your marketing claims or to position your offering, without saying it yourself. Your customers are the ones giving you the, “two thumbs up.”

Two: Build PR Campaigns Around Reviews

If you’re getting great reviews from customers and influencers in your industry, you should consider telling media and news outlets about it. Outlets want to cover businesses that are loved by customers. There’s no better way to show them than to lead with your reviews.

Your goal should be to demonstrate a buzz around your business, and you’re different from competitors. Even hosting an event or showcasing a new offer could excite and motivate your media contact to write about you. Plus, they may also want to feature some of your reviewers in the article. Who doesn’t want some free press?

Three: Create Signage Featuring Reviews

This one is for all of you who have physical locations. Whether you have a private office, restaurant, or retail location, you can feature online reviews on your walls.

These real-world quotes can accentuate the environment, but also proudly display your great work. Similar to how you would use them in print ads, you want to select the review, which points to the quality and unique nature of your business.

The best way to start is to select a handful of short, punchy, reviews, and create signage. It could be something simple, such as a framed print, or more dramatic, like a wall decal. Don’t hold back; this is your business – it’s okay to brag!

Four: Generate Word of Mouth Via Reviewers

You know there’s a lot of value in reviews. What many forget about is the value of the reviewer.

If someone took the time to review your business, they must care about it. The customers who care about your business are your best customers. Your reviewers are the ones who are going to recommend you to their friends and families.

That’s why, when you get a new review, you want to respond to the reviewer. You can use the response to continue building a relationship. You can then get the reviewer into a marketing program that turns them into a promoter of your business.

Five: Get Creative!

Finally– let’s have some fun 🙂 When it comes to using online reviews in your offline marketing campaigns, it’s okay to get creative!

You can sit down with a notepad and brainstorm ideas. You can huddle as a team and see if there are ways to integrate them into existing campaigns. Or maybe you want to spend some time thinking about different customer touchpoints and how you could use a review at each turn.

Remember, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Get creative, and have fun!

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